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the F-LOCK

February 28th, 2029 (04:25 pm)

friends locking this journal.

this livejournal will house my talking about crap like futuristic showers and ranting about things. this will also have anything adult/pornish i draw.
art that isn't pornish will be on my stupid blog. i hate the word blog, still.

(i think tasteful nudes will still be on blog...and even my porn isn't that porn so... you're not missing much if you're just here for the art)

also, music mix posts will be here so the po-po don't catch me.

people that are pre-F-LOCK:

as of this moment, i think i added everyone that wasn't a friend, i assume none of you are the po-po.

for those of you that are unfamiliar, this is pretty much an artposty journal, i post sketches/wip here. but i also post them on that blog. but some people like LJ better than blog thing (i do =_=). but i also rant about things or talk about things that only one other person understands like Legion crap. hahah ;_;!

i have a subscription so i can tell when you friend me (it sends me a little email), so i'll stare at you and try to figure out if you're from DA or something. or to make things easier for me, you can just message me and be like "i'm bob from da, i'm not the po-po" or "i'm jill, i saw your thing on some other community, i'm not the po-po". or comment here, whatever's easiest for you, i don't care. if i can't figure out who you are i'll ask. basically, i don't want tiny babies to see me freaking out and  horrible porns. (i work for a site for tiny children and i'm slowly getting more paranoid).  hope this makes sense!!! sorry for the trouble!!

EDIT: OK I REALIZE I MADE THIS ENTRY REALLY CONFUSING. If you're already here, then you're good, i've figured out who you are and have added you! everyone that WAS following this journal is friend-ed (f-lock means i can't be lazy anymore). ok i tried to reword it. or maybe none of your were confused and just wanted to say hi :D

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